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The Meeting

Dhruv walked into the café around 6 in the evening after a busy day at work. He ordered a black coffee with no sugar. This café had become his favorite since the time he had moved into this city. He had his reasons when asked why this café was his favorite. First and foremost- fine coffee, finer people and finest ambiance. Another reason why Dhruv loved the place was the songs they played in the background. The café had a perfect coffee house play list which created a good vibe. This café was one of the few book cafés located near Dhruv’s workplace. When asked, Dhruv often calls himself a ‘bibliophile’. He loved to read books and had a passion for collecting them. Dhruv has a well maintained library at his home; a dream of every book lover.

Dhruv collected his coffee and walked to his usual spot- the table at the corner of the café. He placed his satchel on the table and pulled out a book from it. There were a lot of people in the nearby tables having their coffee and reading their books and most of them were reading from an e-book reader, which Dhruv hated the most. Dhruv was of the opinion that an e-book reader can never, ever give the joy of reading from the book. That feeling while holding the paper jacketed book, the aroma of the printed pages; an e-book reader can never give you those. So wherever he went, he always kept a book with him. As he dived deeper and deeper into the book, he lost himself. There was no café, no people around him, but only his coffee and the book.

Dhruv, is that you?” a question accompanied with a touch on his shoulder pulled him out of the book which he was reading.

The girl came and sat across him, smiling. “Don’t you remember me? Please don’t tell me you don’t!” she said. Dhruv couldn’t recognize the face except to notice how beautiful she was. Dhruv nodded his head in a No.

I am Abha, your batch mate from college. Still doesn’t ring a bell?” she asked.

Now it dawned on him. Abha was his batch mate at college. A beautiful, dynamic girl who was active in all the college programs, be it literary or cultural, the program was incomplete without her. Dhruv had also participated in various inter college competitions with Abha as his team mate.

How could I possibly forget!” Dhruv mentally kicked himself and started talking. “Oh yes I do Abha, how could I forget my team mate. How are you?” He asked.

I am good Dhruv. I just moved into this city and I had some shopping to do. It was then I remembered I didn’t have my cup of coffee in the evening today. My friend suggested this café and I should say this is pretty good.” She stopped.

Ah, old habits die hard.” Dhruv winked raising his ‘almost-empty’ mug.

Just a moment.” Abha stood up and walked towards the counter to get her coffee. While on her way back, she stopped at the book shelf to get a book for herself. Dhruv was closely watching her. She looked the shelf and finally pulled out Paulo Coehlo from it. She came back to the table and said “Old habits die hard.”

You always had a thing for Coelho right.” Dhruv said.

Always…” She replied.

Dhruv liked how she suddenly brought up Harry Potter reference. She took a sip from her mug and started reading. Dhruv couldn’t read; at least not with Abha in front of her. Dhruv couldn’t do anything but to sit there and admire her beauty. The way she had dressed in a sky blue top and a jeans, the hair which fell free from behind her shoulders, the way she moved away that pane of hair that often fell on her face, Dhruv felt a sudden urge to take her in his arms.

Behave yourselves Dhruv” he cursed himself and tried to dwell back into his book. He constantly looked at her face and she had to ask him not to freak her out, quite a few times. Dhruv felt a sudden rush of old memories, the debate club, the book review sessions in the evening.

The clock kept running and it was almost 8. The café was still busy. Abha had come back after keeping the book back into the shelf.

So Dhruv, I need to leave. My friend will be waiting for me. I had promised I’ll join her for cooking dinner.” Abha said.

Dhruv never wanted to let her go. He could sit twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year watching Abha’s beautiful face. Abha wasn’t always the perfect girl, but she was perfect in her own way.

That’s ok. I’ll drop you.” Dhruv stood up putting his book into the satchel. They got out. Dhruv brought his black sedan to the café lobby and Abha got in. Abha kept talking about her friend in the city, how her parents were, but the only thing Dhruv payed attention to was the fact that Abha- his beautiful batch mate was sitting besides him.

Stop, stop! It’s right here” She said on reaching her friend’s residence.

Dhruv lowered the passenger side window and waved a bye. The car hadn’t reached a few meters when Dhruv suddenly stopped the car. Abha was calling him from behind.

What is the hurry Dhruv?” She laughed.

Oh, that laugh!” Dhruv felt his heart racing.

Dhruv got out and walked towards her. “So that was a fine evening for a first day in the new city.” Abha said. “I got to meet you after a long time. So thanks Dhruv.” She shook hands with him.

Dhruv walked back to his car and Abha was waking towards the front gate.

Abha,” Dhruv called.

Yes Dhruv.” She turned back and looked at him.

What are you doing tomorrow, uh not tomorrow, day after tomorrow evening ?” he asked.

I have to join the work from tomorrow and day after tomorrow evening, I’ll be free after my work. Why ?” She stopped.

Why don’t we catch up for a coffee at the café we met today?” He asked.

Sure. I’d love to.” She smiled.

Ok then, day after tomorrow evening, coffee shop. Take care.” Dhruv said, walking back to his car. Abha waved him a good bye closing the gate.

Dhruv drove to his home. He felt a happiness inside. It was a new beginning, beginning of something good, something wonderful, which is to be loved and cherished.

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With each step I took,

She kept moving away

We were close to each other,

But were miles away at heart

I looked deep into her eyes,

which once had me spellbound

The castle which I built

Has come crashing down

I was once the Knight-in-shining-armor

For my damsel-in-distress

But now all we are,

Two souls breathing; two different lives.

The spring has passed.

The colors have faded

The melodies have come to a pause

The life- once I thought was worth living,

has become yet another question mark

Dear love,

I should have known your love a mirage

It wasn’t real

But it felt so real.

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The Green Light

                                                           The Green Light

Each time I see you walkaway trying your best to avoid an eye contact, I still hope that you would stop for a second and look back right into my eyes, just like our good old times. Its really amusing what we have become of. I still believe we can catch up with our old times, but I don’t know when would that happen. I know it wont happen, but something inside, the optimistic me keeps telling to give it some time. I never knew I could be this optimistic(at times).

I had to shut out myself for quite a long time to get the facts into my head. I couldn’t understand what was happening, because it wasn’t what I had expected or at least ever dreamed of. The excruciating pain it gave, the countless sleep less nights it gave, the people to whom I yelled at asking them to leave me alone, gives you a hint of what I had to go through. I felt like a yacht in a tempest; I was drifting away. It took me some time to get hold of the helm.

You might be wondering how could I smile at you each time we see, even after all of what had happened. That’s the best thing about me. Finally after everything that had happened, I learned to smile, even though there is a storm roaring inside.

“Just move on,will you?” is a question I had asked  many. But only when you confront it will you only understand how herculean a task it is. I would be lying if I say I don’t love you anymore, because I still do and I know you don’t, but still I believe in the ‘green light’.

                            Never have I felt the the silence so loud

                            Never have I felt the day so dark

                            Never have I felt this touch so cold

                            Never have I felt this pain so beautiful

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Cold Night

In those cold winter nights,

When the whole world slept,

I gazed up to the stars.

What kept me awake?

I don’t know

The cold wind surrounded me.

I flew away

To infinity and beyond; I kept flying,

Until I reached you.

I found you,

As pure as the morning dew.

The sun that shines through the darkest night,

What took you so long?

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To Infinity and Beyond

Those were the days I still keep close to my heart. Each moment we spent together, I should say was purely magical.

I can go on describing you and the moments we shared, but I come to a point where I completely run out of words. Every relationships have seen ups and downs. We have seen it too, but ultimately its fire that makes iron the strongest.

You are my moon and stars, you are the dreams I see, you are the songs I sing, you are the  stories I write, you are my day and night, you are my everything.

The day when I asked you to be mine, I wanted it to be a surprise. But you surprised me by  asking “When have I not been ? I don’t know what brought us together, but one thing I know for sure. Nothing can part us anymore. They say gods have already decided our fate. But what is fate other than the decisions we take and the judgments we make.

We’ve decided ours; “To infinity and beyond”

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Finally everything was over – from best friends to perfect strangers; that’s what time has made us into. You can put in the last drop of effort into it, but the result may or may not be what we expect it to be.

What have I done ?

Confessed that I love you more than anything in this world. I know I cannot make you love me if you don’t, but I’m sure I haven’t done anything wrong to you. The only thing I have ever done is make you feel special,make you realize how special you are to me. If proposing you was the mistake I have done,and that’s the reason you’re keeping me away then consider it my first and last.

You have seen me in my ups and downs as well, you knew me in and out.There was nothing in my life that I have kept hidden from you. You know how you felt when you were with me. I still cherish the moments I spent with you. And you know what ? I miss them like hell!

The talks we had, the songs you used to sing for me, everything has come to an end. It’s like reality has slapped on my face waking me up from my dream.

I used to look deep into your beautiful eyes behind those nerdy glasses. I always wanted to nuzzle your forehead and move away that pane of hair which fell on your face. I wanted to be your reason to smile, but all I’ve become is the reason for your endless silence.

It is as if all those moments we shared was a joke. Because a single thing I’ve said has become the reason for my biggest loss.The crack it made cannot be filled. The emptiness you’ve created cannot be filled and you who walked away from me cannot be replaced.

Even after all those things you said the other day, I still love you. I know you’ll never be mine. You made it clear. I wanted a reason, but I didn’t ask you for any. Because I couldn’t bare anything other than a ‘Yes’. Yes, I shouldn’t have kept my hopes high. It must be the ‘vibe’ we once shared that made me do all those ‘Deductions’ in my head.

I know I have to move on, but this mind is not letting me. It keeps showing me those memories in a loop.With all that pain buried deep inside, I put on a smile on my face.

Yes,I was hurt,wounded,bleeding profusely.But the fact that you never felt the way I felt was even more painful. It is killing me from inside. Those memories still haunt me.

I wont ask you to be mine or love me the way I love you. But I still can love you. That’s the only thing I can or will do. My love for you was unconditional,whether it was requited or unrequited.


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I found the four walls closing in on me. I stood there helpless. There was nothing I could do. So I laid down. Calm and still. After a few minutes I woke up. It was dark everywhere. For a minute I even thought I was blind. But it was darkness. Within seconds light came. I could see the entire universe. I could feel the wind on my hair. I saw the Seven Wonders of the World in like 2 seconds. I saw the whole people of the world in a few minutes. In that journey I saw me on the bed lying still with loved ones around me. I wanted to drop by and join them. But I couldn’t stop myself. I’ve never felt this much of freedom that, I didn’t want to rest for even a second. I did not stay anywhere, I kept on traveling like a ludicrous person. Just like a kite that is detached from its string. I was traveling at the speed of light. But Suddenly I felt a pull. It was so strong that it held me back from moving forward an inch.

Suddenly everything went black again. Darkness crept over me. I waited for light. I dozed off waiting. When I woke up, I saw a doctor. He was pulling me out, into this world of never ending cycles of life and death. I remembered everything from my past. I wanted to speak. But all that came out was a cry, which made others in the room happy. My mother shed the tears of joy. But that cry was not that good for me. That cry made me forget about my past. My mind became a clean slate. I rested in my mother’s arms.

Later, after many years, I sat down wondering ‘What is death?’ It’s just another reality. Where you realize that you are not just the body. You are above it. You have no beginning or end. You just go on.

PS: Saṃsāra (Sanskrit संसार) is the repeating cycle of birth, life and death (reincarnation) as well as one’s actions and consequences in the past, present, and future in Hinduism, Buddhism, Bon, Jainism, Taoism, and Sikhism.