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The Great Gatsby- A Fine Experience

Recently I got to read ‘The Great Gatsby’ by American author F.Scott Fitzgerald. The book was first published in April,1925, but still even after 92 years down the line, the book still grabs the attention of the reader and makes it a memorable experience.

The book has been set in the fictional town of West Egg situated on the Long Island, during the  Jazz Age,where (According to New York Times) gin was the National drink and sex was the national obsession. The lavish parties, the jazz music, huge mansions, and the complex characters have been stitched out perfectly by the author to create a ‘vivid’ nature for the book. Fitzgerald is undoubtedly one the best Authors the time has seen.

We see the characters through the eyes off the narrator Mr.Nick Carraway, a narration so strong and credible that we feel the story has actually happened. Jay Gatsby- a wealthy young man who throws in lavish parties every weekend, Daisy Buchanan a beautiful young woman was madly in love with Jay, Tom Buchanan- Daisy’s husband, are the main characters. The perfect triangle love story has been carved out. Mr Gatsby still lives on the memories off his lost love Daisy. Tom Buchanan a strong stubborn husband who feels protective and possessive for his wife.

The part where it all get complicated when Daisy realizes where she has to choose between her love for Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan whom she has been married to. Yes, things can get complex and push you to the edge sometimes. Each dialogues and situation the characters go through are well placed and penned.

What does it take to be with person you love?

Well in the case of Jay Gatsby, the man who had everything, died as a ‘no one’. The dreams of life he wanted to live with Daisy remained a question mark, as Daisy finally decides to stay with Tom even after a tempestuous discussion the three indulge in. When Jay rests in the coffin, there was no one to come and shed a tear for him other than Nick. So in the end, wealth and power becomes insignificant until and unless an element of love is present somewhere.

The book has got some of the best prose off the times.

“Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead.”

“Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter–tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…. And one fine morning– So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Are some of the best excerpts from the book.

When it comes to Fitzgerald’s writing style, he really draws the reader into the story he says. In the end, the reader sees the scenery, hears the dialogues and smells the aroma he is trying to create.

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Finally everything was over – from best friends to perfect strangers; that’s what time has made us into. You can put in the last drop of effort into it, but the result may or may not be what we expect it to be.

What have I done ?

Confessed that I love you more than anything in this world. I know I cannot make you love me if you don’t, but I’m sure I haven’t done anything wrong to you. The only thing I have ever done is make you feel special,make you realize how special you are to me. If proposing you was the mistake I have done,and that’s the reason you’re keeping me away then consider it my first and last.

You have seen me in my ups and downs as well, you knew me in and out.There was nothing in my life that I have kept hidden from you. You know how you felt when you were with me. I still cherish the moments I spent with you. And you know what ? I miss them like hell!

The talks we had, the songs you used to sing for me, everything has come to an end. It’s like reality has slapped on my face waking me up from my dream.

I used to look deep into your beautiful eyes behind those nerdy glasses. I always wanted to nuzzle your forehead and move away that pane of hair which fell on your face. I wanted to be your reason to smile, but all I’ve become is the reason for your endless silence.

It is as if all those moments we shared was a joke. Because a single thing I’ve said has become the reason for my biggest loss.The crack it made cannot be filled. The emptiness you’ve created cannot be filled and you who walked away from me cannot be replaced.

Even after all those things you said the other day, I still love you. I know you’ll never be mine. You made it clear. I wanted a reason, but I didn’t ask you for any. Because I couldn’t bare anything other than a ‘Yes’. Yes, I shouldn’t have kept my hopes high. It must be the ‘vibe’ we once shared that made me do all those ‘Deductions’ in my head.

I know I have to move on, but this mind is not letting me. It keeps showing me those memories in a loop.With all that pain buried deep inside, I put on a smile on my face.

Yes,I was hurt,wounded,bleeding profusely.But the fact that you never felt the way I felt was even more painful. It is killing me from inside. Those memories still haunt me.

I wont ask you to be mine or love me the way I love you. But I still can love you. That’s the only thing I can or will do. My love for you was unconditional,whether it was requited or unrequited.


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How to be happy

Have you ever thought “What kind of life am i leading?” or “What am i supposed to do with my life ?”

These are some of the questions that goes through a persons mind,may be a million times a day. Everyone is apprehensive about the future, about the past and waste the present. We’ve been given a life so exciting and fulfilling;instead of exploring it and making the best of it we worry over petty things like getting over a break up,what shall tomorrows exam be like and what not ?

The aim of our life is to be happy,as simple as that.What does it take for a person to be happy ? A bag full of money? A luxurious house to live in? Or a garage filled with premium luxury cars ? It doesn’t take much for a person to have peace of mind and eternal happiness. All it takes is to let go of the expectations and anxieties. Leave it all to fate. Well ‘fate’ is actually a tricky word to use.

Many people take the liberty to become lethargic or lazy pretending to leave it all to fate. Well the thing we should understand is the life we’re living now is a script well penned by a ‘higher authority’. Everything that happens in our lives,every person we see, the situations through which we go are all a part of the ‘big-game’. But still there are a lot of blank pages in the book which are left for us to fill in. We can fill it with anything we like. So when we are lying back and wasting time, we’re voluntarily denying ourselves many opportunities to fill in those blank spaces.

We often think a lot,and a lot, a bit more and put ourselves in a bad mood which really pull us back. If not tamed, it might lead to depression,bad health,and may even cause suicidal tendencies. They say one must be highly virtuous to be born a human. So why waste such a blessing. Fill in your mind with good deeds and thoughts, be happy,spread happiness. Paint the world with vibrant colors, compose music,write stories,laugh out loud,hang around with friends, because this moment is the only thing we have with us.

Later in our life we may come to a point where we might regret for not enjoying it. But then it would be too late and since time travel is currently not possible the only thing that we could do will be to regret. You may think this life is just so unfair. Because it denies you the fortunes which you deserve,while those are granted for those who do not deserve it,not even a tiny piece of it. But keep one thing in mind (Allow me to quote Paulo Coehlo) “If you want to see a rainbow,you should learn to see the rain”,you cannot succeed without failing.

So if you think something you planned didn’t go well,or something happened and your plan just got backfired,don’t worry. Learn from it,try not to repeat the mistake next time and also give it sometime.It sure will come around.

Experiences are the best teachers this life can provide us with. Each experience,god or bad is a lesson for us. Even a small bad situation we have been in,can teach us a lot. Learn from them and we can master ourselves.

This life may not give you everything you want. But it sure will provide everything you need;at proper place;on proper time. After all,if everything we need is given to us at the moment we think of it,there wouldn’t be anything interesting to do with our life.

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The Great Indian Circus

Youth of today are citizens of tomorrow.  Representing the above I would say that the major threat to today’s younger generation is student politics. In the beginning it was used judiciously to address the problems faced by the students or to fight against the wrong doings of the college authority. But today it has become yet another platform for the students to ‘Hone’ their criminal talents. The recent situations that have been happening in our country is a solid evidence for that.

India is a country where we value everyone’s freedom of expression. But recent events points out that, it has been taken advantage of. Conducting a strike (a peaceful one) is a way of expressing disagreement towards a decision. But what students often forget is that “Your freedom ends where my nose begin”. If a student can slap on the face of an eminent personality, that too in the presence of people responsible for safeguarding the law, it is only because of the inability of our Indian judiciary. The recent issue that has happened in the JNU is a remarkable evidence to prove that today’s student unions can become a major threat for our nation tomorrow.

The student unions are diverted off their course. Supporting a terrorist activity that took place in 2001 is not at all agreeable. It is not the way how a Student’s Union should work. Citizens do have the right to question the Government. But such a movement says that there is some other ‘Big Fish’ behind this. Anyone who raises voice against the nation is an anti national. Whoever it may be. They should be brought to justice.

Banning politics will not be a good idea. Instead, students should be made aware of the real cause they are fighting for. They should know the pros and cons of the outcome of their movement. In this way politics can be used in a judicious way other than letting things go out of control.

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Wisdom and Old Age

Knowledge is when you realise tomato is a fruit. But ‘Wisdom’ is when you don’t put it in fruit salad. This seems to be really silly example at a glance. But it is indeed a profound example that differentiate between knowledge and wisdom. That wisdom is what we achieve when we are old.

“Oldies!” that’s what the so called ‘New-Generation’ which includes you and me uses while addressing old people. Now let’s answer another question. “Who are old people?” Well it includes parents (Yes we call them oldies too), grandparents, great grandparents, etc. But what makes them old? Is it their age? Yes, they do get old, grey hair starts to appear, tooth falls off. But it’s really not becoming old. It’s just a return journey to the child state. We don’t have tooth until we are 2 or3. Others can’t completely understand what small children say, all these things happen when you become older and older. But what really separates a child and an old person at that age is the wisdom he/she gained throughout his/her life.

We often get really irritated by parents’ advice on certain matters. We are even ready to wage a war against them if they try to advice or try to be in our way. What we do not think is what made them say that advice. In order to answer that question we need to travel through our parents. The advices they got from their elders, their experiences, their stands and views on certain issues and mainly care, affection and cautiousness towards us. The main thing we should understand while getting advised from parents’ is that, they are scolding or advising us because they haven’t committed that mistake or never acted stupidly. It’s because they know what comes next once we go that way or do a wrong thing. Even after understanding this point we have another ‘WEAPON’ to counter their points. ‘Generation Gap’. Well, what is Generation Gap?

I should say generation gap is nothing but the ability to compare and contrast the pros and cons of two times. While giving a huge lecture on generation gap, what we often forget is that our parents’ were also once a child, teenager. They know how things were during their times. And what happens now. But we only have the knowledge of ‘NOW’. Having knowledge of ‘2’ is always better than ‘1’

Love is like water. It flows from a higher state to lower state. Love parents’ show to their children cannot be substituted by anything or anyone. Also nobody can love and care for their parents in the same way the cared for us. It’s not that children don’t love parents’. But the intensity may be less.

We children become old. But sadness is our parents become older. Sometimes we often find their company less interesting. Even think of them as a burden. As a result a lot of parents get ‘dumped’ in old age homes. What we forget is that it is that same mother who stayed awake when we caught a fever when we were small. It is that same father who once was our superhero. They don’t want much except our love and care.

So while ‘dumping’ them, or lecturing them on the changing life styles or living standards, just think. “Parents’ have become old. If we don’t take care of them or love them now, when are we going to? “So love parents.  They will be there for us, whenever we need, showering love, unconditionally.