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How to be happy

Have you ever thought “What kind of life am i leading?” or “What am i supposed to do with my life ?”

These are some of the questions that goes through a persons mind,may be a million times a day. Everyone is apprehensive about the future, about the past and waste the present. We’ve been given a life so exciting and fulfilling;instead of exploring it and making the best of it we worry over petty things like getting over a break up,what shall tomorrows exam be like and what not ?

The aim of our life is to be happy,as simple as that.What does it take for a person to be happy ? A bag full of money? A luxurious house to live in? Or a garage filled with premium luxury cars ? It doesn’t take much for a person to have peace of mind and eternal happiness. All it takes is to let go of the expectations and anxieties. Leave it all to fate. Well ‘fate’ is actually a tricky word to use.

Many people take the liberty to become lethargic or lazy pretending to leave it all to fate. Well the thing we should understand is the life we’re living now is a script well penned by a ‘higher authority’. Everything that happens in our lives,every person we see, the situations through which we go are all a part of the ‘big-game’. But still there are a lot of blank pages in the book which are left for us to fill in. We can fill it with anything we like. So when we are lying back and wasting time, we’re voluntarily denying ourselves many opportunities to fill in those blank spaces.

We often think a lot,and a lot, a bit more and put ourselves in a bad mood which really pull us back. If not tamed, it might lead to depression,bad health,and may even cause suicidal tendencies. They say one must be highly virtuous to be born a human. So why waste such a blessing. Fill in your mind with good deeds and thoughts, be happy,spread happiness. Paint the world with vibrant colors, compose music,write stories,laugh out loud,hang around with friends, because this moment is the only thing we have with us.

Later in our life we may come to a point where we might regret for not enjoying it. But then it would be too late and since time travel is currently not possible the only thing that we could do will be to regret. You may think this life is just so unfair. Because it denies you the fortunes which you deserve,while those are granted for those who do not deserve it,not even a tiny piece of it. But keep one thing in mind (Allow me to quote Paulo Coehlo) “If you want to see a rainbow,you should learn to see the rain”,you cannot succeed without failing.

So if you think something you planned didn’t go well,or something happened and your plan just got backfired,don’t worry. Learn from it,try not to repeat the mistake next time and also give it sometime.It sure will come around.

Experiences are the best teachers this life can provide us with. Each experience,god or bad is a lesson for us. Even a small bad situation we have been in,can teach us a lot. Learn from them and we can master ourselves.

This life may not give you everything you want. But it sure will provide everything you need;at proper place;on proper time. After all,if everything we need is given to us at the moment we think of it,there wouldn’t be anything interesting to do with our life.



I am engineering student. Curious person,voracious reader.

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