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Last Words of a dead

It has been almost a week since I had a good sound sleep. I’m afraid of nights today. Not because I’m afraid of dark. I used to love darkness. I used to sit alone in the darkness throughout the night. But today I hate it. Moreover I am scared of it. All of these just because I can’t sleep. Do you know how it feels to go to sleep but you lay on the bed with your eyes wide open staring into the darkness? It feels as if someone is watching you from the corner of the room. I have a mirror to the left of my bed. So that even though it’s dark, I can see a small reflection of mine. Sometimes it feels as if someone’s going to jump out of the mirror and pull you in by your neck. All of these may sound weird. But that’s exactly what I’m going through right now.

I don’t feel like going out of home. It’s more like I can’t go out of home. Something is pulling me back. A force so strong that I can’t even move an inch out of my home. Sometimes I enjoy the solitude but sometime I want to strangle myself to death over the same solitude. I was petrified the other day when suddenly my own reflection started talking to me while I was brushing. I was numb for a few minutes. But when I regained my consciousness I ran to my bedroom, slid under my blanket and closed my eyes. I don’t remember how many minutes or hours I spent under it. I tried to forget that image. But each time I tried to forget, it was being etched onto my mind. Last night I was trying to get some sleep when I heard knocks and thuds at the front door. They couldn’t open it. They kept on hitting hard until the door surrendered.

I was surprised to see a huge crowd. I could recognize a few faces. I was standing right in the middle of the hallway utterly clueless of the events going on. They walked right past me without even a glance. I was angry at them for intruding into my ‘Not-so-good-night’. But still I followed them. They were searching for something. Their search over in front of the room on the second floor of my house.

The crowd covered their nose dew to awful stench coming out of the room. They burst into the room and saw a half rotten me. Well, that surprised me. Because if I’m right here then who is that rotten, stanching me? It was then I realized that none looked at me. They behaved as if I was not there. For them I’m now a rotting body. A person knelt down and took a piece of paper which laid beside my body which read




I am engineering student. Curious person,voracious reader.

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