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The Great Indian Circus

Youth of today are citizens of tomorrow.  Representing the above I would say that the major threat to today’s younger generation is student politics. In the beginning it was used judiciously to address the problems faced by the students or to fight against the wrong doings of the college authority. But today it has become yet another platform for the students to ‘Hone’ their criminal talents. The recent situations that have been happening in our country is a solid evidence for that.

India is a country where we value everyone’s freedom of expression. But recent events points out that, it has been taken advantage of. Conducting a strike (a peaceful one) is a way of expressing disagreement towards a decision. But what students often forget is that “Your freedom ends where my nose begin”. If a student can slap on the face of an eminent personality, that too in the presence of people responsible for safeguarding the law, it is only because of the inability of our Indian judiciary. The recent issue that has happened in the JNU is a remarkable evidence to prove that today’s student unions can become a major threat for our nation tomorrow.

The student unions are diverted off their course. Supporting a terrorist activity that took place in 2001 is not at all agreeable. It is not the way how a Student’s Union should work. Citizens do have the right to question the Government. But such a movement says that there is some other ‘Big Fish’ behind this. Anyone who raises voice against the nation is an anti national. Whoever it may be. They should be brought to justice.

Banning politics will not be a good idea. Instead, students should be made aware of the real cause they are fighting for. They should know the pros and cons of the outcome of their movement. In this way politics can be used in a judicious way other than letting things go out of control.



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