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I found the four walls closing in on me. I stood there helpless. There was nothing I could do. So I laid down. Calm and still. After a few minutes I woke up. It was dark everywhere. For a minute I even thought I was blind. But it was darkness. Within seconds light came. I could see the entire universe. I could feel the wind on my hair. I saw the Seven Wonders of the World in like 2 seconds. I saw the whole people of the world in a few minutes. In that journey I saw me on the bed lying still with loved ones around me. I wanted to drop by and join them. But I couldn’t stop myself. I’ve never felt this much of freedom that, I didn’t want to rest for even a second. I did not stay anywhere, I kept on traveling like a ludicrous person. Just like a kite that is detached from its string. I was traveling at the speed of light. But Suddenly I felt a pull. It was so strong that it held me back from moving forward an inch.

Suddenly everything went black again. Darkness crept over me. I waited for light. I dozed off waiting. When I woke up, I saw a doctor. He was pulling me out, into this world of never ending cycles of life and death. I remembered everything from my past. I wanted to speak. But all that came out was a cry, which made others in the room happy. My mother shed the tears of joy. But that cry was not that good for me. That cry made me forget about my past. My mind became a clean slate. I rested in my mother’s arms.

Later, after many years, I sat down wondering ‘What is death?’ It’s just another reality. Where you realize that you are not just the body. You are above it. You have no beginning or end. You just go on.

PS: Saṃsāra (Sanskrit संसार) is the repeating cycle of birth, life and death (reincarnation) as well as one’s actions and consequences in the past, present, and future in Hinduism, Buddhism, Bon, Jainism, Taoism, and Sikhism.



I am engineering student. Curious person,voracious reader.

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