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A Yacht Of Dreams

At last,the tides were right. Wind too. The sea was out there calm and quiet. Perfect time to set out on a voyage. The cool wind blew,albatross’ flew, the port was always lively. A ship was anchoring. Or was it leaving ? Into the mysterious sea?or mysteries ?

Nothing is more sybaritic than a sail. To peep into the mysteries of sea ,travel to the edge of the world and finally disappear. Wow, best thing anyone could do. I stepped into the yatch. Did i slip ? Yes indeed. Fell out into the open water. Was it all a dream ?
Because i woke up.

No it wasn’t. Because i was still inside my yacht,which was flagged off from nowhere and going somewhere.

You may be wondering. Whether I am dreaming or living it. The choice, I leave it to you. Because your answers may vary upon whether you are dreaming or living them.



I am engineering student. Curious person,voracious reader.

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