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Wisdom and Old Age

Knowledge is when you realise tomato is a fruit. But ‘Wisdom’ is when you don’t put it in fruit salad. This seems to be really silly example at a glance. But it is indeed a profound example that differentiate between knowledge and wisdom. That wisdom is what we achieve when we are old.

“Oldies!” that’s what the so called ‘New-Generation’ which includes you and me uses while addressing old people. Now let’s answer another question. “Who are old people?” Well it includes parents (Yes we call them oldies too), grandparents, great grandparents, etc. But what makes them old? Is it their age? Yes, they do get old, grey hair starts to appear, tooth falls off. But it’s really not becoming old. It’s just a return journey to the child state. We don’t have tooth until we are 2 or3. Others can’t completely understand what small children say, all these things happen when you become older and older. But what really separates a child and an old person at that age is the wisdom he/she gained throughout his/her life.

We often get really irritated by parents’ advice on certain matters. We are even ready to wage a war against them if they try to advice or try to be in our way. What we do not think is what made them say that advice. In order to answer that question we need to travel through our parents. The advices they got from their elders, their experiences, their stands and views on certain issues and mainly care, affection and cautiousness towards us. The main thing we should understand while getting advised from parents’ is that, they are scolding or advising us because they haven’t committed that mistake or never acted stupidly. It’s because they know what comes next once we go that way or do a wrong thing. Even after understanding this point we have another ‘WEAPON’ to counter their points. ‘Generation Gap’. Well, what is Generation Gap?

I should say generation gap is nothing but the ability to compare and contrast the pros and cons of two times. While giving a huge lecture on generation gap, what we often forget is that our parents’ were also once a child, teenager. They know how things were during their times. And what happens now. But we only have the knowledge of ‘NOW’. Having knowledge of ‘2’ is always better than ‘1’

Love is like water. It flows from a higher state to lower state. Love parents’ show to their children cannot be substituted by anything or anyone. Also nobody can love and care for their parents in the same way the cared for us. It’s not that children don’t love parents’. But the intensity may be less.

We children become old. But sadness is our parents become older. Sometimes we often find their company less interesting. Even think of them as a burden. As a result a lot of parents get ‘dumped’ in old age homes. What we forget is that it is that same mother who stayed awake when we caught a fever when we were small. It is that same father who once was our superhero. They don’t want much except our love and care.

So while ‘dumping’ them, or lecturing them on the changing life styles or living standards, just think. “Parents’ have become old. If we don’t take care of them or love them now, when are we going to? “So love parents.  They will be there for us, whenever we need, showering love, unconditionally.



I am engineering student. Curious person,voracious reader.

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