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Wagon Tragedy 2015

For all those who don’t know what Wagon tragedy was, here it is. The Wagon tragedy was the death of 67 prisoners on 20 November 1921 in the Malabar region of Kerala state of India. The prisoners had been taken into custody following Mappila Rebellion against British Colonial rule and Hindu landlords their deaths through apparent negligence discredited the British Raj and generated sympathy for the Indian independence movement.

So what is the need to talk about Wagon tragedy in 2015. But i found myself in a condition similar to that of the prisoners packed inside the wagon. So there comes the next question. “Where” and “How”. Its nowhere other than in Kerala and that too in a KSRTC bus. its widely used public transportation in Kerala.Also known as the ‘Commoner’s Chariot’. But nowadays they’ve become a ‘WAGON’ for the people.

It was a cold morning and it was a bus headed towards Trivandrum. It was thickly packed such that a hair band fallen from a woman’s hair will not reach the floor of the bus. But still stop after stop people never stopped getting on the bus.As it was a cold and windy morning none even thought about opening the window. So now it was a ‘Wagon’ fully packed with people without much air ventilation(except for the driver seat window). There was not enough place even to stand. Increased number of seats doesn’t increases the comfort level of the passengers. Seats should be increased but it shouldn’t affect the people who are standing. People were in a mood such as they would wage a war among  themselves for a seat. This country need to change,Its people and their mindset.



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