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First day at FOSS

Well,what should i say i should’ve made this decision a bit early. FOSS which stands for Free and Open Source Software club is a grooming place for the future industrialists and computer engineers. FOSS focus on enhancing the self learning ability and inculcating the spirit of working as a team to achieve a goal,which is mainly open source contributions. FOSS doesn’t want people who mug (yes,obviously). They need people who DO ! .

First day will be the most curious day in whichever thing you may do. Yes i was very curious,at the same time tensed. Tensed whether i could do what all others do or will i fail. But on the very first day i got to know that you cant excel in something unless you fail somewhere. First task assigned to me was to design an e-Commerce website. Yes this seems to be exciting !

I downloaded the template from Bootstrap. Editing a template is what you got to do to get all the pages of the website ready.The pages are coded in PHP and HTML. So in order  to master web designing one must be thorough with HTML,PHP, and also CSS. CSS which stands for Cascade Style Sheet language adds the beauty to the website. So there goes the first day explained in a few paragraphs.



I am engineering student. Curious person,voracious reader.

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